Two component, flexible cementitious waterproofing compound for interior and exterior concrete and masonry structural elements.
Fields of Application
— Waterproofing of bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces before laying ceramic tiles.
— Waterproofing of swimming pools, hammam before laying ceramic tiles.
— Waterproofing of underground concrete elements like foundations, retaining walls, basement walls.
— Waterproofing of concrete basins of potable water.
— Waterproofing of places subject to small deformations.
— Approved to be used in contact with water intended for human consumption.
— Excellent bonding on all concrete and masonry.
— Non-corrosive for steel and construction elements.
— Applicable both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
— Prevents carbonation in concrete.
— Resistant to freeze-thaw.
— Easy to apply either by brush, roller or trowel.
— The substrate must be solid, dry, free of dust, loose parts, paint, wax, oils, rust and traces of gypsum.
Cementitious substrates must be cured. Use Product in case of any loose and uneven substrates to get a sound and flat surface.
— The substrate should be protected from sunlight, precipitation and dust for 1 day and application should not be under direct sunlight. Dampen absorbent surfaces to be treated beforehand with water.
— Pour 5 litres liquid component into a suitable clean container. Then slowly add 20 kg powder component and mix with a low speed mixer to obtain a homogenous lump free mix. Mixing with max 500 rpm mixer is recommended.
— Allow to stand for 5 minutes to mature. After remixing for 1-2 minutes, the paste is ready for application.
— Apply a thin layer with brush, roller or trowel, then after 5-6 hours apply a second coat, to have a final thickness of approximately 2-3 mm
— Insert a 4.5x4 mm mesh in the first layer when operating around expansion joints, joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces, areas with small cracks or places subject to stress. After the mesh has been laid
apply a second layer when the first one has set (after 5-6 hours
— Use within 3 hour of preparation. Unfavourable climatic conditions (high temperature, low humidity, wind etc) can reduce this time to just a few minutes.
— Dispose mortars of which pot life is expired. Clean tools and hands with water, surfaces with a damp cloth.
— Protect the surface from direct sunlight, rain, freezing and wind for the first 24 hours after application.
— If applied surface is subject to foot traffic, cover the surface with a flooring compound or tiles.
— After applying, wait at least 3 days for curing in favourable climatic conditions before laying ceramic tiles.
— Avoid mechanical damage on the waterproofing material during covering application.
— When used waterproofing drinking water tanks, do not fill the tank before waiting 28 days for curing.
— Since contains cement, irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. For further information refer to safety data sheet.
— Indicated consumption is a general information.
It may change depending on the application conditions
Technical Properties (at 23°C and 50% RH)
General Data
1st compnent: Grey or wtihe powder; 2nd component: White liquid.
Shelf life (Powder and liquid) 12 months when stored in the original sealed packaging
Application Data
Application Temperature (+5°C)-(+35°C)
Mixing Ratio 5 lt liquid / 20 kg powder
Mixing ~3 mins. with Max. 500 rpm mixer
Pot Life 3 hours
Consumption (avr.) 1.7 kg/m² (per 1 mm thickness)
Waiting Time Between the Coats 5-6 hours
Ready to use 7 days
Performance Data
Waterproofing Capacity (for 3 mm thickness) 5 bar (positive)
Tensile Adhesion Strength (EN 1542) ≥ 1.00 N/mm2
and surface properties.
— Liquid component: Store in temperatures from 5°C to 23°C in original sealed packing and keep the
out of direct sunlight. Powder component: Store in dry medium. Do not stack more than 10 bags on top of each other.
— Powder component: 20 kg multi-ply paper bags,
— Liquid component: 5 lt drums.
Tensile Adhesion Strength After Cycling Without De-icing Salts Impact (EN 13687-3 : EN 1542)
Tensile Adhesion Strength After Heat Ageing (EN 1062-11 : EN 1542)
≥ 1.00 N/mm2
≥ 1.00 N/mm2
Water-vapour permeability (EN ISO 7783) Class I; Sd < 5 (Sd: Equivalent air thickness)
Capillary Water Absorption (EN 1062-3) < 0.1 kg/m²h0,5
Heat Resistance (-30°C)-(+80°C)