* Solid waste storage sites


* Drainage pits for collecting leakage of gold or other mines.


* Isolation for the lower parts of petroleum tanks




* Waste water treatment facilities.




* Sedimentation pools


* Used in foundation wrap works, where it is demanded.




Highly resistant to chemicals.
-Highly resistant to organic and inorganic solvents.
-Profoundly resistant to the fractures.
-It can be recycled, so that it is a green material.
-Resistant to perforation and cracks.
-Low permeability.
-Higher tensile strength.




 It is joined by the help of fusion welding system (welding with double inlet & testing gap).


 It is spread by leaving 6-10 cm overlapping portions.


 (please demand application data form for more information)




Rolls should be stowed horizontally without exceeding 5 sequences by paying attention to lower


the weight in each sequence. It should be kept in its original pack. It shoud be protected against


tear, perforation, rain, clay, etc. And should be stored onto a smooth and clean surface 


especially onto the pallets.