PP geotextile felts are harder than PET. They are particularly resistant to low and medium chemical effects.Staple fiber PP nonwoven geotextile is made from 100% high strength polypropylene (PP) short fiber. Its processing way includes short fiber material carding, lapping, needle punching, being cut and rolled. This permeable fabric has the properties to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Compared with staple fiber PET nonwoven geotextile, PP geotextile has higher mechanical strength. PP material itself has superior chemical resistance and heat endurance properties. It is an eco-friendly construction material.



It is used for separating the water and heat insulation layers from each other; draining the surplus water; protecting the insulation; preventing blockage in the draining tubes;

To prevent the collapses in roads and railways; In draining systems;

Under the geomembranes;

To prevent scouring problems; in reinforced filling; in preventing erosion; in coastal protection areas such as river, lake and seaside;

In filtration, weak ground reinforcement; asphalt reinforcement;

In paved and unpaved roads, airstrips, and as drainage mattress under the road fillings; In highways, tubes and underground facilities;

In subways, agricultural lands, garden terraces and courts; and In solid waste storage landfill and in irrigating channels.




It should be stored in dry and clean areas.




Due to the heat treatment, the geotextile felt with the same weight shows more strength and less extension; It requires less storage area;

It easily transported and laid;

It is resistant against acid, alkali and microorganisms; It is resistant against Ultra violet rays;

The permeability of the geotextile in terms of both perpendicular to the surface and horizontal to the surface is high.


The place and intended use of the geotextiles in dams


  • In pressure reducing drains under the impermeable covering,

At the source side under the enrockment

  • On crests in road construction,
  • In protection of the filtering materials shaping the funnel and horizontal drain,
  • In toe drain.


The thick geotextiles may directly be used as the main material to construct the drain provided to be multi-layers.