It is made of PVC. The unique feature that differentiate IZOPOLIMER T-LOCK geomembrane is the continous  T shape tabs on the surface. With these tabs, T-LOCK  Geomembrane does  not move in the concrete and prevents damages against concrete  by blocking vibrations.
PVC TLOCK membrane It is the  Geomembrane variety with continuous nails on the product. The aim of "T" on the top of the membrane is to allow the membrane to adhere to the concrete. It can be used everywhere other Geomembrane is used, but it is mainly used in the following areas thanks to its nails embedded in concrete.

      Thus, the constructions shall be healtihier and more long-lived. 

      It carries all  technical features of  flat sheet geomembranes and  methods of  waterproofing  application are nearly the same as the methods used for flat sheet  geomembranes. They are generally used not only  in waste water treatment plants, waste water tunnels, collector chimneys, bridges and concrete pipes but also all projects  where flat sheet geomembranes are used.

      They are  in a width of 2,20 m; with thicknesses of 1,00mm&1,20mm&1,50mm& 2,00mm&2,50mm&3,00mm and generally in black colour. When it is demanded, they are manufactured in optional lengths.If special sizes are requested, they can be prepared with welding procedure in the factory and then delivered.


It can be used everywhere other Geomembrane is used, but it is mainly used in the following areas thanks to its nails embedded in concrete.

Collector Chimneys

Concrete Pipes

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste Water Tunnels


All of our waterproofing products are in the form of sheet or roll and they are applied as loose laid method.  It is spread by leaving 6-10 cm overlapping portions and joined together  by the help of fusion welding machine whose picture is attached hereunder.

Apart from the smooth areas (edges and the zones where welding machines can not be used), hot air guns are used.


 Rolls should be stowed horizontally without exceeding 6 sequences by paying attention to lower the weight in each sequence. It should be kept in its original pack. It shoud be protected against bradawls.


Sewing(welding) test is applied to  randomly selected regions in the application site. Welding robot that is capable of  double sewing, permits test space in the form of channels in order to let us perform the sewing region tests.

By the help of special equipments, air pressure  between 1.5-2 bar is applied to that channel. Stand by time is  2-5minutes.  And pressure equipment is checked. (If loss does not exceed %20, it means that welding has been done  safely.)

If there exists any problem, that region is detected and repaired. After that, test is performed again. Finally, the region where tests have been applied,  are welded carefully. Thus, testing procedure has been completed, successfully.


There are some important matters to which should be paid attention during shipment of ızopolımer geomembranes to the construction site; during and after making application. In order to meet a precise application, it is so important for subcontractor and job provider to pursue those matters,earnestly.

*During shipment, in order not to damage materials it should be fully paid attention to the lading area and loading vehicles while the material is being loaded or unloaded.

* Uninterruptible electricity should be supplied  for the equipments that shall be used for waterproofing application.

Subcontractor should check the construction site just before starting application, give technical instruction and report requirements for the quality of application to job provider.

*Application should be made by the crew who has high technical skills and required equipments.

It should be paid attention while making application in extreme cold, extreme hot and rainy weather. When application crew confirms that the working conditions are inconvenient, application can be delayed .

* The application area where Geomembrane shall be spread should have clean surface. The surface should be without roughness and cleared from sharp concrete objects and gravels.

*Application crew should wear rubber-sole shoes while making application. And also, other crews in the construction site should pay attention not to wander, leave or drop  their  equipments on the area where geomembrane  has been spread.

*Other crews should be so careful while application crew is making application. When they damage geomembrane, they should alert the application crew.

*When the staff of other crew realizes  application fault(s), he should show the faulty portion to the application crew. He should not look for a solution fort hat by himself.

*During welding process, it should be paid attention to the convenient sizes of overlaps.

*After application, adequate protection concrete should be poured for for  the safety of  Geomembrane. During this procedure, it should be avoided to pour concrete from higher altitude with high pressure.

*When there exists free geomembrane in open spaces after pouring the concrete, precautions should be taken by job provider as a result of subcontractor’s suggestions.

Paying attention to a forementioned  matters, it is provided to use IZOPOLIMER Geomembranes for a long period without any drawbacks.