PVC Water Holding Tapes PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resin with various catalysts, stabilizers, dyestuffs, hardeners and plasticizers containing the mixture under the appropriate temperature and pressure processed and extruders are produced by shaping and poured at different times in the joints used to provide sealing materials.

Water holding tapes should not be selected independently from the project and the projector at the site conditions, and should be selected by the appropriate type and projector.


Usage areas

Water holding tapes are generally divided into two main classes as expansion and cold joint type according to their applications.

-Riding channels

-Processing Plants


Channels can

on subways

Swimming Pools

-Water tanks

The tunnels

-Hydroelectricity Power Plants

Join -Viya

- Retaining walls

- Floors and foundations

-Industrial structures

-We have very common usage areas like sewer systems.

Water holding tapes should be connected to each other by welding method when addition needs to be made, absolutely no overlap method should be preferred. One of the welding soldering iron for electrical and externally heated tapes should be used for welding. Special parts which must be used in the application area (plus parts, L parts, T parts are vertical or horizontal)

While the water retaining tapes are attached to the reinforcement, they must never be held in place; self-perforated and eared type must be selected or attached to the reinforcement with lint. It should be noted that the channels and protrusions on the water retaining belts are designed to extend the water escape path.